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Can I Sync My Household Across Multiple Phones?

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2015 05:06PM PDT

Register your Household to sync your data across multiple devices and the web. Once you've registered, you can login with the same Household Username and Password wherever you are and you'll have access to your budget.

Register on your phone

On iPhone, register your Household by heading to the More tab and tapping on "Register to Sync." Then enter your desired Household information to create your household.

On Android, head to the Envelopes tab and press the Menu button on your phone. Then tap on "Register." That will take you to the Registration page where you can create your Goodbudget Household.

Already have a Household? No problem.

If you've already created a Household on the web, then you can login to that same Household on your phone. Just download the Goodbudget app on your Android or iPhone and login using your existing Household Username and password.

What if I registered on my phone and on the web?

Registering on the web and on your phone creates two separate Households. Choose which one you'd like to keep and login to just that Household.

  • If you want to keep the Household you started on the phone, close the Household you started on the web, then register on the phone.

  • If you want to keep the Household you started on the Web, log out of your current Goodbudget Household on the phone, then login with the Username and password you used on the website.
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